Franklin Elementary School

Playground Safety Rules and Games

  1. Do not play tag.
  2. Do not push or shove.
  3. Do not step on anyone’s hands.
  4. Stay off the top beam (including bars).
  5. Beware of wet bars.
  6. Go DOWN the slide (no climbing up).
  7. Go across the bars in ONE direction.
  8. Hang on tightly with thumbs around the bars to grip.
  1. Climb the steps one at a time, using the handrails.
  2. Go down the slide feet first in a sitting position—no climbing up the front of the slide.
  3. Slow yourself down before reaching the end of the slide.
  4. Follow other students at a safe distance.
  1. Always stay seated.
  2. Keep swing going in a straight (i.e., forward and backward motion). No twisting.
  3. No jumping off the swing.
  4. No pushing from other students.
  5. Do not play near the swings when in use.
  6. Swing alone.
  1. Line up quietly at assigned door.
  2. Stay in your personal space.
  3. Do not give heads or tails.
  4. Enter only when the bell rings.
  5. Walk quietly.
  6. Hang up your coat, etc. Get what you need and go straight to the classroom.
  1. Stay in assigned area.
  2. Stay off and respect private property.
  3. Use equipment so that it does not get lost or damaged.
  4. Use only equipment that you get from the classroom.
  5. Stay out of the building until it’s time to enter.
  6. Stay out of puddles and off areas that are muddy or icy.
  1. Wear clothes that are clean and comfortable.
  2. Tennis shoes for gym should be clean with shoestrings or Velcro.
  3. Come to school with appropriate outdoor clothing.
  4. In cold weather, be sure to wear a warm jacket or coat, a cap or hood, mittens, a scarf and boots.
  5. When entering school on wet and snowy days, be sure that your shoes are not muddy. This will help the custodians keep our building clean.
  6. If you lose an article of clothing, check the “lost & found.”
  7. Hats can NOT be worn inside the school by students or adults unless there has been special permission given by the principal.
  1. Students should space themselves at a safe distance.
  2. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  1. Agree on the rules before you start.
  2. Stay behind the fence while waiting to bat.
  3. Don’t throw the bat.
  4. If you are not playing, stay out of the field.
  5. Don’t argue.
  1. Agree on all of the rules before playing.
  2. Stay behind the backstop while waiting.
  3. No throwing of the ball at the runner.
  4. A base runner is out when:
    • He/she is forced out at base.
    • He/she is tagged out while running.
    • He/she has kicked a fly ball and it is caught.
  1. No contact or rough play.
  2. Play on the court only.
  3. Return the ball to your classroom.
  1. No contact or rough play.
  2. Maximum (12) players on each side.
  3. No two-hand touch football.
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