Franklin Elementary School

Major Behaviors
Handled by: office administration
1. Adult witness fills out Major Behavior Referral form and turns form into administration
2. Within a timely manner (that same day or the next day), administration conferences with the student about the referral. The situation is discussed and the appropriate behavior is taught. 
3. Administrative consequences are determined at that time wiht the student. Examples of consequences include: school-to-home flight plan, time in office, restitution, loss of privilege, individualized instruction, ground school (detention), in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension. 

Major Behaviors Defined: 
Fighting / Physical Agression 
– Actions involving serious physical contact where injury may occur. (i.e. hitting, punching, kicking, pulling hair , hitting with an object, scratching, spitting, etc.) 
Harassment/Bullying – Student delivers disrespectful messages (verbal or gestural) to another person that includes: threats, intimidation, obscene gestures, pictures, or written notes/email/text/Facebook. Disrespectful messages based on: race, religion, gender, age, and/or national origin; sustained or intense verbal attacks based on ethnic origin, disabilities or other personal matters. 
Weapons – Use or possession of real or look-a-like or other object readily capable of causing bodily hard.
Property Damage/Vandalism – Deliberately impairs the usefulness/disfigurement of property. Abusive Language/Inappropriate Language/Profanity - Verbal messages that include swearing, name calling or use of words in an inappropriate way. 
Disruption – Behavior causing interruption in a class or activity. (i.e. sustain loud talk, yelling, or screaming; noise with materials; horse play or rough housing; and/or sustained out of seat behavior) 
Forgery/Theft - Student is in possession of, having passed on, or being responsible for removing someone else's property or has signed a person’s name without that person’s permission. 
Defiance/Disrespect/Insubordination/Noncompliance - Refusal to follow directions, talking back and/or socially rude interactions. 
Lying/Cheating - Student delivers message that is untrue and/or deliberately violates 
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